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Submit Your Abstract for the 2024 Conference

Innovation has been the backbone of growth, safety, efficiency, and productivity and in the 8th year of the Connected Plant Conference our goal is to focus on the technology solutions that have shown the most improvements, productivity enhancements, and safety solutions, all while being user friendly and aligned with the chemical process and power industries.

So, we encourage you to submit your abstract for review by our committee in the following areas ensuring you have included real world application of the solution.

Data Management – including analytics, historian, quality, governance, etc.Remote Monitoring – including Use of drones, Sensors, Machine LearningDigital Twins including Types, Levels, Use Cases
Digital Worker – including Management software, physical devices, remote training, and other human centric interfacesOpen Source/ArchitectureProcess Automation – from Automating data collection to predictive maintenance and risk assessment notifications
Business Value – Justification of investment, stakeholder buy-in Physical/Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity, drones, robots, cameras, access control systemsSupply Chain – procurement, inventory management, and logistics.
Asset Performance ManagementAI / Machine Learning Operations and Maintenance
Emerging Technologies and Applications – Large Language Models, emerging AI applications; cloud computing; robotic advancements; cybersecurity approaches. ESG Compliance – sensor networks; energy efficiency; emissions management; regulatory reporting; incident reporting; blockchain; supply chain; ESG reporting tools

The conference will consist primarily of panel sessions and/or short presentations. Typically three to four speakers/panelists will participate in a 1.5 hour-long session. The sessions are designed to be interactive and lively with time allotted for audience questions and answers.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The content is presented in focused forums to best serve the markets within the industry.
  • Presentations should be focused on the following: technologies and solutions, end-user case studies, best practices, or strategic planning.
  • Absolutely no sales pitches or commercial presentations will be considered.
  • Please keep abstracts to a maximum of 500 words.

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2023
All abstracts received before December 1st will be reviewed by Advisory Committee. Abstracts received after December 1st will be assessed individually by editors and session chairs.

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