Future of Technology and Decoding the Dynamics of Digitalization

Tuesday May 24th | 8:00am – 9:45am

Rich Voorberg
President, Siemens Energy North America

Tim G. Echols
Commissioner, Georgia Public Service Commission

James Goosby, Director
Office of Business Technology Planning and Strategic Initiatives
Southern Company

Farid Bichareh
Technology Futurist

Hear from Siemens Energy, Southern Company, GA Public Service Comm and Tara Consultancy Services (TCS) on the future of technology at your plant!

The intensity of digitalization’s powerful impact on society is strengthening as stunning advances in data, analytics, and connectivity continue to enable a range of digital applications. Digital solutions are already empowering improvements in safety, productivity, accessibility, and sustainability of the power and chemical processing industries. But they may also be raising new security and privacy risks, and as markets, businesses, and the workforce transform, new strategies may be necessary to reap the most value out of connectivity, and keep intelligent systems efficient and reliable. 

The 2022 Connected Plant Conference in Atlanta is dedicated to exploring digitalization’s full influence on industry and is uniquely positioned to provide industry insight on pressing digitalization challenges. To set the momentum for the rest of the conference, four experts will open the event on May 25th with their exemplary perspectives on technology, policy, and business.