“The 2020 Connected Plant Conference delivered what we expected and more. We traded ideas with a host of attendees, from experts in artificial intelligence, leaders of Digital Transformation at both Power and Chemical companies, to founders of promising startups. Everyone was laser-focused on solving big problems that will provide the highest return on investment through digitalization.” – Karonn Blue, Managing Principal, L.L. Blue Engineering

“There’s some really good technical conversations and there’s some really good philosophical conversations – how people drove change, how they manage change, how they got other people to start changing direction of path and purpose.” – Ben Blanchette, Georgia-Pacific, LLC

“If they’re looking to leverage digital transformation to affect their goals, initiatives, challenges, then they should absolutely be here and be aware of what’s going on.” – Frank Naugle, Honeywell

“The people that are attending are aspirational. They looking for that next thing. The reason they are here is to change.” – Chris Benson, Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist, Lockheed Martin

“We are all trying to solve some of the same problems. There’s no better way to learn than from your peers.” – Ben Blanchette, Georgia-Pacific, LLCHoneywell

“The content has been great. It really shows where the energy sector is heading.”  – Carlos Sua, Senior Developer, NextEra Energy, 2020 Game Changer Award Winner

“A lot of the right people are here, whether it be suppliers or customers.” – Frank Naugle, Honeywell

“The opportunities to learn about the newer technologies and applications as well as make connections are VERY beneficial.” – Matt Buck, Senior Technical Leader, EPRI

“It is always valuable to see where industry peers are, and to gain insight on real-world applications of digital tools that are providing value to the end-user. I thought the focus on user stories was great. The networking is another value, because I am able to talk through specifics on how others are strategizing their digital transformation.” – Matt Peters, 3MGeorgia-Pacific, LLC

“The Connected Plant Conference was a unique opportunity for exposure to thought leadership from a diverse representation of the power and chemicals industry sectors. The program was constructed to offer insight across a broad cross section of industry issues and then allowed time for follow-up during breaks and through the expo center for a deeper understanding. It was truly an honor for Eastman’s SEIGA program to be presented with a Game Changer Award at this event”  – Jan Shumate, Director of Worldwide Engineering and Construction Services & Solutions, EASTMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY