Andrew Johnson

Supervisor, Performance Monitoring Center
Salt River Project

Andrew Johnson has been an engineer with the Salt River Project (SRP) since 2002 and currently supervises SRP’s Performance Monitoring Center (PMC). His team of highly skilled analysts and engineers monitor and diagnose potential equipment issues at SRP’s generation facilities, including coal, gas, and hydro based units. This work provides the PMC’s customers with foresight into the operation of vital unit equipment, ultimately providing millions in savings based on prevented equipment degradation, repairs, and lost generation. The PMC is helping these plants continue to move from unplanned to planned downtime. Prior to his current role, he was a senior engineer in SRP’s Generation Engineering department managing civil, mechanical, and structural engineering projects at SRP’s coal, gas, hydro, and groundwater facilities in addition to SRP’s extensive raw water delivery system. Andrew has been a registered Professional Engineer in Arizona since 2007 and his education includes a BS in Engineering and an MBA from Arizona State University (ASU).