Technology for Predictive Maintenance Debuts at Connected Plant Conference

ProAxion ( will highlight the latest in Internet of Things (IOT) technology for providing predictive maintenance tools for both large and small industrial facilities during the upcoming Connected Plant Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, February 19-21.

On display at booth 107 will be ProAxion’s innovative TACTIX™ 24×7 predictive maintenance system. The TACTIX system is unique in how it drastically simplifies the process of measuring, transmitting, and analyzing vibration and temperature data for remote monitoring of rotating machines. The quick and easy plug-and-play installation removes many of the barriers of entrance into a wide variety of manufacturing facilities, because it requires zero integration with control systems or IT networks. As a result of the advances this system makes in machine health monitoring, ProAxion was recently recognized as a Top Internet of Things company at this year’s NC Tech Awards.

“Rotating machines, such as pumps, fans and motors, are used extensively throughout the industrial world: from power plants to candy manufacturing facilities. There are millions of these machines in the U.S. alone,” explains Justin Rothwell, CEO and Co-Founder of ProAxion, Inc. “As a result, U.S. industrial facilities lose billions of dollars a year due to unexpected machine breakdowns and inefficient maintenance practices. IoT provides a solution.”

Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS), a leading provider of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services to the power industry, recently partnered with ProAxion and deployed its TACTIX systems at the CAMS’ managed Orlando CoGen Limited (OCL) facility located in Florida. To illustrate the impact IoT can have on maximizing a facility’s uptime, CAMS will join ProAxion at Connected Plant on Thursday, February 21, 2019 from 1:00-2:00 pm in the “Using Wireless, Digital, and Drone Technology to Enhance Plant Maintenance and Improve Efficiency” track. There, the two companies will share real-world results from a recent trial performed at OCL, a power plant operated by CAMS. Join us in the session to learn how using a wireless remote condition monitoring system proves to have some unexpected benefits when making maintenance decisions.

In Booth 107 at the event,  subject matter experts will be available to discuss benefits and applications of the TACTIX system.